YouTube Star Tre Melvin Grateful to Be Alive After Being Involved in Severe Car Accident

YouTube Star Tre Melvin Grateful to Be Alive After Being Involved in Severe Car Accident


Hours after it was announced that he suffered brain injuries from the June 22 collision, the YouTuber assures fans that his bleeding has stabilized, but adds that his friend Kathereya did not survive.

Tre Melvin knows he is lucky to be alive. Just hours after it was revealed that he was being treated in a hospital for brain injuries following a severe car accident, the YouTube star made a return to social media to assure his fans and followers he is on the road to recovery.

On Tuesday, June 23, Melvin tweeted, “to those asking, i’m (physically) okay.” He went on to offer more details on his injuries by writing, “i was knocked unconscious on impact and my brain bled fairly heavily but the bleeding stabilized this morning. my neck + my back want me dead, but that’s what meds are for.” He concluded, “i’m alive and i’m grateful.”

Tre Melvin's Twitter Post 01

Tre Melvin offered update on his condition post-severe car accident.

Hours earlier, a statement about Melvin’s car crash was posted on his Twitter account. “Early Monday morning, Tré was involved in a severe auto collision with his friend Kathereya,” it read. “Both are currently hospitalized and have suffered brain injuries.”

“While Tre is stable, Kathy is unresponsive,” the statement continued. “Their families ask that you please send prayers, blessings, and positive vibrations their way. They will come out of this stronger and more powerful. So it is.”

Tre Melvin's Twitter Post 02

Statement about Tre Melvin suffering brain injuries after car collision.

In an update he gave, Melvin revealed that Kathereya succumbed to her injuries. “i survived a fatal crash. my best friend didn’t. i don’t think i have ever been this numb. ever,” he tweeted along with a link to a gofundme page aimed to raise money for her funeral. In a separate tweet, he added, “to whoever hit us, and ran: kathy is now an ancestor. she will lead us to you.”

Tre Melvin's Twitter Post 03

Tre Melvin expressed heartbreak over the passing of Kathereya.

Melvin’s car accident came nearly one month after he announced his departure from YouTube. “i will no longer allow the platform to censor my pain. i will no longer allow the platform to demonetize my pain. i will no longer sit at a table both my blackness and my queerness have never truly been welcome at,” he declared in a tweet on May 29. “i will build my own.”

Tre Melvin's Twitter Post 04

Tre Melvin announced departure from YouTube.

The following day, Melvin assured fans that he will continue creating content through his new platform Tre Melvin TV. “i’ve only addressed this via twitter, but effective as of yesterday, my content is no longer streamable via youtube,” he explained. “Tre Melvin TV is my newest child. it is an ad-free, paid subscription service, with a 7-day free trial.”

Melvin’s YouTube channel boasts nearly 3.3 million subscribers when he announced his departure.