World War II-era aircraft wreckage may have turned up in India

Aircraft wreckage discovered in northeastern India is believed to be part of a U.S. plane from World War II.

The parts appeared to be the engine and radiator of a U.S. Army Air Forces plane that was most likely flying over the Himalayan Mountains when it crashed, the Air Force Times reported Tuesday. It added that experts still needed to verify that the wreckage belonged to a U.S. aircraft.

Taba Nobin, one of the leaders of the team investigating the site, told NorthEast Today magazine they “believe it to be the wreckage of [an] American plane used in WWII over the Himalayan range of Arunachal Pradesh, which was [popularly known] as the ‘hump’ among the U.S. Air Force.”

In 2015 the remains of Army Air Corps members who crashed in a B-24J aircraft from 1944 were discovered in the Himalayan Mountains, according to the Air Force. 

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