Uganda: Three new Ebola cases confirmed

June 14 (UPI) — A day after a second person in Uganda died from Ebola, the Ministry of Health said it had three more suspected cases of the disease and the number of people who may have come into contact with the virus jumped from eight to 27.

Disclosed on its website, the ministry said it has no more confirmed cases of Ebola, but it has three suspected cases “not related to deceased.”

The two people who died — a 5-year-old Congolese boy and his 50-year-old grandmother — had entered the country June 9 seeking medical help with other family members.

Five family members who entered the country with the victims have seen been repatriated to the Democratic Republic where they have five family members who have been confirmed to be infected with the disease, the ministry said.

Among the repatriated family members is one confirmed case of Ebola, the 3-year-old brother of the boy who died, and four suspected cases, the boys’ mother, her 6-month old baby, their maid and the children’s Ugandan father.

While there are no confirmed Ebola cases in the country, Uganda will remain in “Ebola response mode” as it attempts to follow up with the 27 people in the country who may have come into contact with the two victims and the three people suspected of carrying the disease, the ministry said.

The DRC donated 400 doses of Ebola-rVSV vaccine for Uganda to conduct a “ring vaccination” starting Friday of those who came into contact with the confirmed cases and non-vaccinated frontline health and other workers, it said.

Health workers have been fighting to contain the disease in the DRC since the outbreak began in August. As of Thursday, there have been 2,104 people confirmed to of had the disease since last summer and 94 people suspected to be sick with the virus. Of them, 1,411 people have died.

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