U.S. military announces largest deployment to Europe in 25 years for 2020 exercises

Oct. 9 (UPI) — U.S. Army Europe announced the largest deployment to Europe of U.S. personnel in 25 years, with an multinational training exercise named Defender-Europe 20.

The exercise is schedule to be held in April and May 2020, with personnel movement between February and July. It will involve the rapid deployment of some 20,000 Army personnel and equipment to Europe from the United States.

Another 17,000 troops, including forward-deployed U.S. units and personnel from NATO members and other American partners in Europe, also will be involved. Eighteen countries are expected to participate, with activities in 10 European countries.

The exercise is expected to demonstrate how quickly the United States and its allies can deploy troops and equipment to an overseas battlefield, as well as provide a signal to Russia that military capability can be delivered to near its border in the event of a crisis.

A U.S. Army Europe statement said it will support NATO objectives to build readiness and deter potential adversaries.

“Defender-Europe 20 is a great opportunity to demonstrate the U.S. Army’s unmatched ability to rapidly project forces across the globe while operating alongside our allies and partners in multiple contested domains,” said Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, Army deputy chief of staff, in a statement Monday.

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