Saab offers GlobalEye system to Finland with Gripen aircraft proposal

June 17 (UPI) — Saab has offered Gripen aircraft and GlobalEye early warning planes in response to Finland’s request for fighter plane procurement, the Swedish aerospace company said.

Finland seeks to increase its fighter plane capability and is expected to make a procurement decision by 2021, the company said Friday in a press release.

Supported by the Swedish government, the package offered by Saab includes 52 Gripen E and Gripen F planes, as well as two GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft.

“Our offer to Finland is a comprehensive solution for air power and air defense, responding to the requirements of the HX program,” Anders Carp, senior vice president and head of Saab’s surveillance division, said in the release. “GlobalEye is the world’s most advanced AEW&C solution and combined with Gripen E/F fighter aircraft, it will provide a substantial contribution to the joint operational capability of the Finnish Defense Forces.”

GlobalEye is a new multi-role airborne surveillance system capable of offering air, maritime and ground surveillance on a single platform.

Based on the Bombardier Global 6000 ultra-long range jet aircraft and unveiled in 2016, it accommodates up to seven command-and-control workstations, with displays presenting target data obtained by the onboard sensors or received via the data links.

The aircraft allows operators to find, track and monitor threats, as well as manage all onboard systems. GlobalEye’s main sensor is an extended-range S-band scanned array multi-mode radar. The radar is designed to collect target data across a vast surface area.

The Gripen’s most recent variant was developed in 2018.

The aircraft can carry air-to-air IRIS-T, Meteor, Sidewinder and A-Darter missiles, and be fitted with air-to-surface weapons. The Swedish and Swiss air forces have ordered Gripen aircraft, and Saab’s proposal for Finland includes 52 single-seat Gripen E and 12 two-seat Gripen F variants.

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