Rivian's electric pickup passed a big test as Shaq tries it on for size

Rivian’s upcoming electric pickup can haul 1,700 pounds and tow 11,000 pounds, but it’s most impressive specification may be the ability to carry one Shaq.

The Amazon-backed startup had its vehicle on display at the technology giant’s re:MARS conference on Thursday when retired NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal dropped by to check it out.

Video posted to his Instagram account shows the seven-foot, one-inch, 300-pound mountain of a man slipping into the front seat of the midsize four-door and fitting in the driver’s seat with headroom to spare.

“Oh yea, I’m in this,” he said.

A Rivian spokesperson confirmed to Fox News Autos that O’Neal is not an investor in the company or associated with it in any way.

It’s not the first time that Shaq has served as a benchmark for front seat room, as he previously served as the “Size Authority” in a commercial for the Buick Lacrosse Hybrid.

However, in recent years he’s been a Ford truck man, purchasing a full-size Shelby F-150 and a heavy duty commercial F-650 converted into a pickup.

Which may be an in for a sale by Rivian, since Ford recently announced a $500 million investment in the company.

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