NFL heiress' alleged anti-Semitic remarks being probed as hate crime

NFL heiress Jacqueline Kent Cooke’s scuffle with a 52-year-old lawyer at a Manhattan restaurant last Sunday is now being probed as a hate crime for her alleged anti-Semitic remarks, The New York Daily News reported.

Cooke was arrested and charged Wednesday with second-degree assault for allegedly bashing Matthew Haberkorn in the head with a $300 glass purse outside an Upper East Side restaurant. The two had gotten into a heated argument outside the restaurant after Cooke and her boyfriend allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks to Haberkorn and his family.

Haberkorn said he had just finished dining when the socialite started the encounter by hurling the slur at his mom.

“I went to the bathroom as we were leaving,” Haberkorn told The Post. “She made a comment to my mother, ‘Hurry up, you Jew,’ as she was getting her jacket.”


Following her arraignment on Thursday, prosecutors said they were “investigating this case as a possible hate crime.”


Following her arraignment in Manhattan court on Thursday, prosecutors said they were “investigating this case as a possible hate crime.”

Cooke, the daughter of former Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, has filed a cross-complaint against Haberkorn.

Her lawyer, Rebeccas Phipps, argued that Cooke was defending herself when Haberkorn “pursued” her outside. She acknowledged Cooke’s swollen ring finger, which was supposedly broken during the debacle with Haberkorn that had led to her arrest.


Attorney Matthew Haberkorn alleges that socalite Jacqueline Kent Cooke called his mother a “Jew” and attacked him with a glass purse.

 (Image courtesy Matthew Haberkorn & Instagram)

Phipps denied that Cooke had made the alleged anti-Semitic remarks and that Haberkorn’s family had “misheard” or “misunderstood” a comment.

Cooke was released on her own recognizance with a follow up appearance set for mid-February, and is barred from having contact with Haberkorn.

Haberkorn’s lawyer told ABC news that he will press forward with a civil lawsuit against Cooke once the criminal case is resolved.  

Jack Kent Cooke died in 1997 and the Redskins were subsequently sold to Dan Snyder.

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