New York Jets' Todd Bowles on Sam Darnold: 'It is a process'

The third overall pick in this year’s draft, quarterback Sam Darnold, had an up-and-down first day of minicamp with the New York Jets on Tuesday, according to Jets head coach Todd Bowles.

“It is a process,” Bowles said. “He is learning. He is studying. You make some good throws and you make some bad throws and that is what we are practicing. That is all three quarterbacks, it is not just Sam. He made some throws. In shorts and t-shirts, you can’t tell whether the ball would have been broken up or whether he would have been sacked or not, but his learning is outstanding. The process and the steps that he is taking, he is being very steady and we are very pleased with him.”

Bowles said all of his quarterbacks – Darnold, Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown – are getting the same amount of reps and he doesn’t get any more excited for strong plays by Darnold than anyone else at minicamp.

“I get excited when a lot of the guys out there make plays, whether it is the quarterback position or not, whether it is a young or an older guy,” he said. “When someone does something that I am not expecting, it kind of excites me on the inside. I know you guys don’t think so, but it happens.”

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