IAI contracted for Barak-8 missiles for Israeli corvettes

Aug. 14 (UPI) — Israel Aerospace Industries has received a contract to provide Barak-8 advanced missiles to Israeli Navy Sa’ar-6 corvettes.

“Barak-8 is one of IAI’s leading systems and a growth engine for IAI in sales to its customers,” Joseph Weiss, CEO and president of IAI, said in a press release. “The new deal adds to several Barak-8 contracts entered over the past few years with total value of more than $5 billion, which is another feather in the system’s glorious cap.”

The Barak-8 is an air and missile defense system developed jointly between Israel and India. It features a radar seeker head and is designed to target aircraft, anti-ship missiles, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. There are both land and naval versions of the weapon.

The missile is based off the original Barak 1 and has a range of over 60 miles. It has a two-way data-link for more advanced control and can be networked with other systems with ease.

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