Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine visit Golden State Warriors at practice

Jan. 9 (UPI) — Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Jimmy Iovine were recently in the Bay Area checking out the Golden State Warriors.

The music moguls were at the Warriors’ practice facility on Tuesday in Oakland, taking in the World Champions’ from up close.

The team had a meeting with the duo, which was set up by director of player programs Johnnie West.

Dre told reporters he enjoyed the experience.

“Of course it is [fun],” Dre told USA Today Sports. “These are the champions. I respect a lot of the players on this team. It’s just amazing what they’ve been able to accomplish, and I’ve never been to an NBA practice before. This is the first time. It’s amazing, watching them go through the drills and what have you…”

Warriors forward Draymond Green told reporters that he was soaking up knowledge from the infamous duo.

“No. 1: how they were able to work together…Two completely different people. Total opposite ends of the spectrum. How were they able to bring that together? Just some things about how they go about their business,” Green said, according to The Athletic.

“For me, the most important thing is we are trying to figure out how they made that work. So many times in basketball…like I grew up different than Steph [Curry]. Crime…it’s nothing crazy, but how do you make that work? And obviously we make it work. But it’s the same thing. You’ve got so many guys in what we do that come from [here] or come from way over here…And making all of that work. Even in my business that I do outside of basketball, trying to make all that work. These are two of the greatest we’ve ever seen…just trying to soak in all of the knowledge I can from them.”

The Player’s Association sanctions the annual business of basketball meeting.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr told reporters. “Our guys were pretty pumped up.”

Several Warriors players took photos with Dre, including Green. Dre is worth about $800 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. A chunk of that change came from when he sold Beats Electronics to Apple for $3.2 billion in 2014. Iovine and Dre founded the company in 2008.

Green has also appeared in commercials for Beats Electronics.

The Warriors host the Los Angeles Clippers at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at Oracle Arena.

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