Danish Police Recover Some Missing Body Parts of the Journalist Kim Wall


Peter Madsen, right, after landing in Dragor Harbor south of Copenhagen in August. He was charged in connection with the disappearance of Kim Wall, a Swedish journalist.

Bax Lindhardt/European Pressphoto Agency

STOCKHOLM — The Danish police said on Saturday that divers had recovered the severed head and legs of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, along with a knife and pieces of her clothing, in a bay in southwest Copenhagen.

The items were found on Friday in Koge Bay, less than a mile from where her torso was recovered on Aug. 21. They were in bags that contained pieces of metal, which the police said might have been used to weigh down the bags at the bottom of the seabed.

Ms. Wall disappeared after meeting Peter Madsen, a Danish amateur space rocket and submarine builder, for an interview on Aug. 10.


Kim Wall

Tom Wall, via Associated Press

Her torso — minus her head, arms and legs — was found on a beach on Amager Island near Copenhagen, 11 days after she took a trip on his homemade submarine.

He was later charged with manslaughter, which in Danish law is the legal equivalent of murder.

Ms. Wall’s head, which has been identified through dental records, did not show any damage to the cranium, the police said, which appeared to contradict Mr. Madsen’s explanation that she had been accidentally killed when a 154-pound hatch on the submarine hit her on the head.

He said he had tossed her body overboard.

The announcement at Police Headquarters in Copenhagen on Saturday came days after a prosecutor told a district court that an autopsy had revealed Ms. Wall was stabbed more than 14 times in her genitals and other parts of her body, her limbs had been removed with a saw, and the police had found video footage of other slain women on a hard drive owned by Mr. Madsen.

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